ADHD won’t stop your child from going places

Our licensed pediatric clinicians specialize in diagnosing and treating ADHD. Learn how to improve your child's behavior in a positive way with Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), the gold standard for ADHD therapy.

Join parents like you for live, online ADHD care. No waitlists, and we accept insurance. Continuar en Español.

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How does it work?

Behavioral Parent Training helps parents help their children

Our care starts by meeting you. Our licensed pediatric clinicians can diagnose your child or work with families with a pre-existing diagnosis. Our providers develop your child's personalized treatment plan and introduce you to Behavioral Parent Training (BPT).

Personalized diagnosis or evaluation with licensed pediatric clinician
Discuss your goals and receive your treatment plan
Explore other skill-building programs
Parents join 8 week program of online group BPT therapy

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)


Our therapists are your guide through ADHD and the care that’s right for your child


Most families meet their therapist in less than two weeks


Currently serving families of children 5 through 12 years of age

Future football player kid

What providers and parents are saying

“Clarity Pediatrics is filling a HUGE void! So many parents are unable to find therapy. I like that I can offer my parents a valuable service that is covered by insurance."


“Behavioral Parent Training should be the first thing we are doing for our school age kids with ADHD. A reliable insurance covered option for BPT, like Clarity, simply doesn't exist for families of children with ADHD. In the past, it's been sheer luck if they can even find a therapist who fills this void.”


“We started on our journey of seeking behavioral health/ mental health support 1 year ago, and tried to find a provider through insurance, but it was extremely difficult until our PCP referred us to Clarity Pediatrics – thank you!”


“I was looking for something like this! I’ve been calling therapists and nothing is open or it doesn’t seem like the right fit. Other online learning programs did not seem personalized enough.”


Together, we help your child thrive

Improve difficult behaviors
Dad hugging his child
Build rewarding relationships
Happy Kid
Boost your child’s confidence

Meet our clinical leadership team

Jacqueline Nguyen, PsyD
trained at
Boston Childrens HospitalJackson Memorial Hospital
Steph Peters, PsyD, LP
trained at
Jackson Memorial Hospital
We're proud to offer accessible, evidence-based specialty care to ensure children can thrive and caregivers can have peace of mind.
Erin Schoenfelder Gonzalez, PhD
trained at
Seattle Childrens Hospital
Alesandro Larrazabal, MD, FAAP
trained at
Scott Cohen, MD, FAAP
trained at
UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital Oakland

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