Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

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ADHD won’t stop your child from going places

Our child psychologists specialize in Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), the gold standard for ADHD therapy. BPT teaches parents techniques to improve a child's behavior in a positive way.

Join parents like you for live, online BPT sessions led by ADHD experts. No waitlists, and we accept insurance.

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What is Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)?

BPT helps parents help their children

Parents join BPT, not children. Weekly group therapy sessions with child psychologists help parents learn techniques to guide children with ADHD toward positive behaviors.

Each week, our child psychologists support parents in applying new skills within their family. As parents get the support they need, the whole family feels less stress.

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How does BPT help?

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Improve difficult

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Build rewarding

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Boost your child’s

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How does it work?


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Personalized evaluation with child psychologist


Parents join 8 week program of online group BPT therapy


Assess goals and review options for ongoing support

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The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends Behavioral Parent Training for children with ADHD

1 in 11 children in the US has ADHD - BPT can help.

In Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), parents (not children) come to therapy led by child psychologists. Weekly group therapy sessions help parents learn to guide children with ADHD toward positive behaviors at home, at school and beyond. As parents get the support they need, the whole family feels less stress.

BPT is proven by decades of clinical research - the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends BPT for children with ADHD under 12.

Learn more about BPT recommendations from leading pediatric health organizations
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Excellent providers with
no waitlists

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Our therapists trained at the best academic programs and completed APA-accredited internships and fellowships

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Our therapists are your guide through ADHD and the care that’s right for your child

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Most families meet their therapist in less than two weeks

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Meet our clinical leadership team

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Steph Peters, PsyD, LP
Stanford University School of Medicine / Jackson Memorial Hospital
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Jacqueline Nguyen, PsyD
Boston Children's Hospital / Jackson Memorial Hospital
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Scott Cohen, MD, FAAP
Tufts Medical School / Oakland Children's Hospital
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Alesandro Larrazabal, MD, FAAP
UCSF / Texas Children's Hospital
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Erin Schoenfelder Gonzalez, PhD
Duke Medical School / Seattle Children's Hospital

We're on a mission to make sure kids with ADHD get the most out of life.

1 in 11 American children has ADHD.
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