Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Who does Clarity Pediatrics serve?
What is the process and how does it start?
What do I need to do before my initial appointment?
Can you evaluate my child for ADHD?
What ages do you support?
Can you help a child with ADHD who is outside of the 5-12 year old range?
Does Clarity Pediatrics treat other behavioral health conditions?
Is Clarity Pediatrics a virtual service?

Our Team of Pediatric Clinicians

How does Clarity Pediatrics recruit and hire licensed pediatric clinicians?
Is the same group facilitator present for each session?
How can I communicate with my Clarity Pediatrics care team?

About Clarity Pediatrics Behavioral Parent Training

What is Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)?
How is BPT different with Clarity Pediatrics?
What is RUBI Parent Training?
Do you have a waitlist?
What happens if my child needs additional support?
What happens after I complete BPT?

About Clarity Pediatrics Medication Management

What type of providers conduct medication consultations at Clarity Pediatrics?
What types of providers write prescriptions at Clarity Pediatrics?
Can you tell me more about Clarity Pediatrics' clinical approach to medication for pediatric ADHD?
What happens during a medication consultation appointment?
What happens during a medication follow-up appointment?
Will my child get a prescription?
Does my child already need to be diagnosed with ADHD?
Where and how will my child’s prescription be issued?
How do I get a refill for my child’s medication?
My pharmacy doesn’t have my child’s medication in stock. Can you help me with an alternative medicine?
Do you handle prescriptions for non-ADHD medication?
Can you transfer my child’s prescription to another pharmacy?
If my child’s prescription isn’t available at my pharmacy, what should I do?
What can I do if my insurance does not cover my child’s medication?
What should I do if the pharmacy cannot fill my child’s prescription from a telehealth service?
What can I do if the pharmacy needs to clarify my prescription with the doctor but is unable to reach them?

Billing and Payment

How much do services cost?
Do you accept insurance?
What billing codes do you use?
When will I be billed?
What is your cancellation and reschedule policy?
Are there any services that are typically not covered by insurance?
Can you provide me with documentation (superbills) for out-of-network claims or FSA reimbursement?
How can I stay informed about new services?