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Getting started

Who does Clarity Pediatrics serve?

We serve parents and caregivers of children 5-12 with an ADHD diagnosis or with ADHD symptoms. We are located in San Francisco and serve families throughout California.

What is the process and how does it start?

There are three steps to get started:

  1. Screening: Go through our quick screening and online videos to see if our program is a good fit for your needs. If it is, you’ll be invited to schedule an initial appointment.
  2. Initial Appointment: During this virtual appointment, you’ll meet with a licensed psychologist for a personalized session to discuss your family’s goals and how Clarity Pediatrics may fit into your child’s treatment plan. Based on your situation, this initial appointment will be one of the following:

    - Program Consultation: For children with a prior diagnosis of ADHD, parents/caregivers attend a 30-45-minute Program Consultation appointment to review goals for treatment, and to help determine if Clarity Pediatrics’ program is a good fit for their family.

    - Intake: For children who have not yet been evaluated for ADHD by a healthcare professional, the initial virtual appointment is a 60-90 minute Intake to determine if your child meets diagnostic criteria for ADHD and/or to review treatment recommendations. Your child is required to attend the first 10-15 minutes of the Intake appointment.
  3. Begin Behavioral Parent Training (BPT): After the initial virtual appointment, the Clarity Pediatrics Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) group may be recommended. If you are invited to join a BPT group, you’ll begin our virtual 8-week group therapy program, where you’ll learn specialized parenting techniques specifically meant to support children with ADHD. Children do not attend BPT.

What do I need to do before my initial appointment?

A series of standard medical, insurance, and consent forms must be completed. You may also be requested to provide a copy of your child's ADHD diagnosis from a healthcare provider. These forms usually take no more than one hour to complete.

For the Intake appointment, the child who is being evaluated for ADHD must attend the first 10-15 minutes alongside their parent/guardian. Additionally, the child's teacher must complete a teacher-specific form ahead of time. If the child is unable to attend or if any of the parent or teacher forms are incomplete, the Intake appointment will need to be rescheduled.

For the Program Consultation appointment, the child does not need to be present.

I suspect my child may have ADHD, but they have not been assessed yet. Can you evaluate them for ADHD? 

Yes, our child psychologists can conduct an ADHD assessment and provide a diagnosis, if appropriate, as part of the Intake appointment.

What ages do you support? 

Our programs are designed for parents/caregivers of children between the ages of 5-12.

Can you help a child with ADHD who is outside of the 5-12 year old range?

Currently, our programs are for parents/caregivers of children between the ages of 5-12. Pediatricians can be helpful resources if you are looking for programs that treat children outside of our 5-12 age range.

Does Clarity Pediatrics treat other behavioral health conditions?

Not at this time. Our team offers treatment specifically tailored for children with a primary diagnosis of ADHD.

Please note that our program is not able to treat children for ADHD who also have the following behaviors or diagnoses:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Past or present self-harm behaviors 
  • Past or present suicidality or suicidal ideation 
  • Court mandated therapy

If these or any other conditions are a primary concern for your child/family, contact your pediatrician or care team for recommendations on resources and treatments for these conditions.

Is Clarity Pediatrics a virtual service?

Yes. Our clinical services are conveniently provided exclusively online via HIPAA-secure telehealth technology (i.e., video visits).

Our Team of Child Psychologists

How does Clarity Pediatrics recruit and hire child psychologists?

Our child psychologists are trained at leading academic institutions. They have completed American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited internships, and post-doctoral fellowships at established academic medical centers and childrens’ hospitals nationwide.

We select psychologists with experience in delivering ADHD treatment. After joining our team, they receive ongoing training in evolving best practices.

Is the same group facilitator present for each session? 

Yes, all 8 parent group sessions are typically delivered by the same group facilitator.

How can I communicate with my Clarity Pediatrics care team?

Clarity Pediatrics uses a secure telehealth platform where families can easily communicate with their Clarity Pediatrics care team from their computer or mobile device.

About Clarity Pediatrics Behavioral Parent Training

What is Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)? 

BPT is an evidence-based treatment that helps parents and caregivers modify a child’s behavior. Through BPT, parents learn research-backed parenting techniques that help guide children towards the behaviors they want to see. In group therapy sessions, psychologists help caregivers tailor BPT skills for their unique children and families. Children do not attend BPT.

How is BPT different with Clarity Pediatrics?

Clarity Pediatrics combines the convenience of telehealth with ADHD-specific education and strategies. Parenting skills are explained specifically in the context of ADHD, and families receive weekly summaries of the concepts and skills learned. Additionally, families have the option of using the community chat to gain support from and share resources with other families in their group.

Do you have a waitlist? 

We do not have a waitlist. Many families are able to start care within 2 to 3 weeks of completing the online screening process.

What happens if my child needs additional support?

If your child needs additional support beyond what we can offer at Clarity Pediatrics, we will do our best to provide you with the resources you need for the next step of treatment.

Billing and payment

How much do services cost?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality ADHD behavioral treatment to all families. Today we accept insurance and self-pay for all our appointment types. We strive to offer affordable rates to families who do not have insurance or who cannot use their insurance. Please see our detailed self-pay rates below.

Self-Pay Rates:

  • Program Consultation & Family Therapy/1:1 Appointments (90846): $175
  • Intake Appointment (90791): $275
  • BPT Sessions (90849): $70/session

Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We are in network with most major PPO insurance plans in California including Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, HealthNet/MHN, UnitedHealth (Optum Behavioral Health), and Tricare.

Please note that this is not a guarantee that services will be covered by your insurance company. Co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles for our services are based on your individual coverage plan. For detailed benefits information, we recommend you call the Member Services phone number on the back of your insurance card.

You can also reach out to us at with billing or insurance questions.

What billing codes do you use?

  • Depending on the appointment type and who is in attendance, these are the most common billing codes used:
  • 90846
  • 90849
  • 90853

When will I be billed?

Insurance: We submit the claims to the insurer on your behalf, after each appointment. This process can take up to 60 days or more. Families will receive an email receipt once the claim has been fully processed. 

Self-Pay: The credit card on file will be charged following each appointment/session. After the credit card is charged, families will receive an email receipt.

Can you provide me with documentation (superbills) for out-of-network claims or FSA reimbursement?

Yes. Simply email your request to

How can I stay informed about new services?

We are always working on expanding our services to work with more families. If you would like to be added to an email list to be notified of new services from Clarity Pediatrics, CLICK HERE.

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