Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

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Getting started

Who does Clarity Pediatrics serve?

We serve parents and caregivers of children 5-12 with an ADHD diagnosis or with ADHD symptoms. We are located in San Francisco and serve families throughout California.

What is the process and how does it start?

The first step is to learn more about our service. Many families hear about us through their family physician or a trusted friend. Spend time our website and then click "Schedule an appointment" to begin a 5-10 minute video-based onboarding that helps you learn more about ADHD treatment, Behavioral Parent Training therapy, and our clinical service. At the conclusion, you are invited to schedule an Intake appointment.

The second step is a personalized assessment, which occurs via video conference and is covered by insurance. For children with an existing ADHD diagnosis, parents attend a 30-45 minute Program Consultation focused on the family's goals and a treatment plan. For children without an existing ADHD diagnosis, parents attend a 60-90 minute Intake focused on diagnosing the child and creating a treatment plan. Children join the first 10 minutes of Intakes to assist in the diagnosis. To prepare for either a Program Consultation or and Intake, parents complete medical history, screens, insurance/billing forms, and HIPAA consents. When Behavioral Parent Training is recommended in the treatment plan, we help parents enroll during the appointment.

The third step is to begin Behavioral Parent Training, our virtual, 8-session group therapy program covered by insurance. Families join other parents to learn specialized parenting techniques proven to support kids with ADHD. In between sessions, we continue to help you. Our therapists and your parent community are here to support you with group chat, resources and extra therapist support.

The fourth step is to decide on next steps for your child. Many parents continue therapy with us, meeting both privately and in groups for additional ADHD-related therapy. Your BPT therapist can advise you on the best programs for your child. We are regularly adding more services for families.

Can you evaluate or diagnose my child with ADHD?

Yes. Our child psychologists can provide an ADHD diagnosis to children during your first clinical appointment, a 60+ minute appointment which we call an Intake appointment. To make an ADHD diagnosis, we rely on evidence-based screening techniques consistent with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

Does my child need an ADHD diagnosis to get care? 

No. Through our Intake appointment, our child psychologists help your family identify areas of challenge and explore treatment options appropriate for your child.

What ages do you support? 

We provide BPT to parents of children aged 5-12, following American Academy of Pediatrics ADHD treatment guidelines. We are also able to provide care to most families of children age 5, on a case by case basis.

Can you help my younger or older child with ADHD?

We may be able to help your family learn more about ADHD and connect with a specialist that is right for your family. Please request help by emailing us at

Does Clarity Pediatrics treat other behavioral health conditions?

Our team offers care specifically tailored for children with ADHD. Many children with ADHD have other conditions, like anxiety. We work with families to create a treatment plan personalized for their child's needs. At this time, we aren't offering Behavioral Parent Training for children without either ADHD symptoms and/or an ADHD diagnosis.

Is Clarity Pediatrics a virtual service?

Yes. Our televideo therapy sessions are conveniently provided exclusively online with HIPAA-secure telehealth technologies.

Our team of child psychologists

How does Clarity recruit and hire child psychologists?

Our child psychologists were trained at leading academic institutions and completed American Psychological Association-accredited internships in addition to post-doctoral fellowships at established academic medical centers and children's hospitals. We select providers with experience in delivering ADHD treatment, and after joining our team they receive ongoing training in evolving best practices.

Is the same provider present in each session? 

All 8 Behavioral Parent Training sessions are typically delivered by the same provider. Because our providers specialize in different areas of care, your child’s initial appointment may be conducted by a different provider than the provider who delivers your BPT sessions.

How can I communicate with my family’s provider?

Clarity Pediatrics uses a secure telehealth platform so families can easily communicate with their care team from their computer or mobile device.

About Clarity Pediatrics Behavioral Parent Training

What is Behavioral Parent Training (BPT)? 

Behavioral Parent Training is a well-established treatment that helps parents and caregivers modify a child’s behavior. In BPT, parents join therapy to learn evidence-based parenting techniques that help guide children toward behaviors they want to see more. In therapy sessions, psychologists help parents personalize BPT skills for their home environment and measure improved behavior outcomes.

How is BPT different with Clarity Pediatrics?

Clarity Pediatrics pairs the best of telehealth convenience with additional technologies to support families, including:

  • Social connection through parent community features
  • Content and personalized tips 
  • Tools to track goals and communicate with providers

Do you have a waitlist? 

No. Many families are able to start care within two weeks.

What happens if my child needs additional support?

We refer families to our robust network of outside specialists that meet the unique needs of your family. 

Billing and payment

How much do services cost?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality ADHD care to all families. Today we accept insurance and cash for all of our appointment types. We strive to offer affordable rates to families who do not have insurance or cannot use their insurance. Please see our detailed rates below.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most major plans in California including Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, HealthNet and UnitedHealth plans. We are continuously working to accept more insurance plans.

For families unable to use insurance to cover our services, we offer discounted rates:

  • Program Consultation appointment with child psychologist, 30-45 mins (for children with an existing ADHD diagnosis only): $120
  • Intake appointment with child psychologist, 60-90 mins (for children without a current ADHD diagnosis or for families seeking an updated diagnosis): $250 
  • 8 sessions of group BPT with child psychologist: $45/session
  • Post-BPT 1:1 follow-up appointment with your group therapist: $180/session

If I am paying cash, when will I be billed?

You will be billed when you complete your first appointment. If you continue to BPT therapy, you will be billed in two steps. We ask that families to pay for the first four session ($180 total) at the start of the first BPT session and for the remaining four sessions ($180 total) at the start of the 5th session.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we will offer refunds for families unable to attend their scheduled sessions. Please contact for more information.

Can you provide me a documentation for out-of-network claims or FSA reimbursement? 

Yes. Please contact for more information.

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